Your business VA

Your new business besties! We’re here to help you step back from day-to-day management and tasks in your business – so you can get back to being creative and doing more of what you love!

Are you going through the juggle struggle?

Do you want to avoid burnout as you look to scale your business?

Are you looking for an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant to join your team?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place!

We want to help you to get back into a creative headspace!

A BIG warm welcome to you!  I’m Nicky Armstrong, a heart-led Online Business Manager (OBM)!  With my fabulous small team of Virtual Assistants, we have a passion for making a difference to other busy women in business.

I know you want to get back in the right headspace to create and brainstorm new ideas. But you struggle as you’re still heavily involved in all aspects of the business.

It’s now time to reduce your overwhelm.  Let us take away the day-to-day management or tasks from you.  It’s time to back away from your inbox and get back to doing more of what you love!

Whether you need an Online Business Manager to help you drive the business forward or a Virtual Assistant to get tasks done, we can help you!

Perhaps you want…

  • focus and clarity on your next 90 days, which you can take away and implement
  • clarity as to whether you need an OBM or VA on your team
  • a VA to tackle your tasks and reduce your tech and general admin headaches
  • an OBM to manage your launches, projects, operations and virtual team – keeping everyone (including you!) accountable (basically your new biz BFF!)?
  • your processes and systems running like a dream
We’re ready to have a chat to see if we can help you transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed!
Whether you’re looking for a one off Breakthrough Strategy Session to turn your ideas into a plan, short term or regular support, we have your back.
Curious to find out more?….

“Nicky supports me as my Online Business Manager and co-hosts my monthly free webinars and it is such a safety net.  I feel safe in her hands.  I know she has my back.  I’d recommend having her as your right hand woman!  Thank you so much Nicky for all your support, ideas, laughter and general brilliance.  This year is going to be BRILLIANT!”

Julia Worthington – Amber Consulting


A VA is a do-er!  Our VA’s are task focused, require direction, work for more clients, are responsible for themselves and rely on you, the business owner, to drive growth and allocate tasks.

You will need to be happy and willing to delegate and be aware – it’s short term pain / long term gain to get your VA up to speed.

An Online Business Manager (aka me!) can be your launch manager, project manager, operations manager, systems expert and can be the buffer between you and your team (or team-to-be!).

I offer management-level support, supporting you with strategy and overseeing the day-to-day.  All that PLUS I am super committed to making your business a success!

I work independently, have fewer clients, can manage your virtual team (or you can use my team) and have the experience to use my own initiative to drive your business growth.

A VA or OBM works on a self employed basis, so you don’t have to worry about all the hidden costs associated with an employee: office space, furniture, IT equipment, stationery, software, training, NI, tax, holiday pay, sick pay, pension contributions, team dynamics, whether they’re too hot or too cold – the list is a long one!
The right VA or OBM is an extension of yourself as well as your business. By working with Your business VA, you’re investing in an experienced, efficient professional – all without the hassle of an employed staff member.

Are you struggling to juggle everything?  The juggle struggle is real!  If you’re feeling pushed from pillar to post, if you can’t focus on your clients or customers, if you’re drowning in administration, if you’re dropping too many balls, if your family and friends have forgotten what you look like, if you want to grow your business but you haven’t got the time – then the time is now to reach out for help!

It may seem like a luxury, it may seem like an expense you can do without – but just think of how much more you can do with that time you’ve just freed up!  You can reach those goals you’ve dreamed of!  Outsourcing before you break – that is the key.

But beware!  You need to be happy and ready to delegate.  Plus, you need time to get your VA or OBM up to speed, so it’s short term pain, long term gain!

Many clients haven’t used a service like this before. 

When you have your free no obligation Discovery Call with me, I will ask a range of questions designed to enable me to learn about you, your business needs and which type of support would suit you best. 

I want to make sure you have the best person working alongside you so we can make sure you succeed! Equally, you can get to know me too, ask any questions about the team and any other questions or concerns you may have.


We support UK based clients.

We can use a combination of email, phone, video call, Trello boards or your PM tool or if you’re local and have the time, we can also meet face to face!

Once we’ve agreed to work together, I will send you an Agreement detailing our working relationship, along with details of agreed services via a Schedule of Works. 

These will be sent for e:signature (cutting down on the pesky paperwork!).

Absolutely!  Client confidentiality is taken very seriously.  Both myself and my Associate VA’s are registered with the ICO.  Our agreement offers you protection and we are also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.

Love a FREEBIE? Get super organised with my Trello 'Business Dashboard' template

Do you find yourself constantly looking for where you’ve saved things?

Know your biz could be more streamlined, but don’t know where to start?

Want to have easy access to all your info, resources, tools, goals, braindumps, packages etc?

Ready to get everything SO organised you could outsource with ease?

Then this Trello template is for YOU!  Would you like it?


Nicky supports me as my Online Business Manager and co-hosts my monthly free webinars and it is such a safety net.  I feel safe in her hands.  I know she has my back.  I’d recommend having her as your right hand woman!  Thank you so much Nicky for all your support, ideas, laughter and general brilliance.  This year is going to be BRILLIANT!

Julia Worthington – Amber Consulting

Nicky is so on it, so attuned and can translate that understanding into meaningful, relevant action for your organisation.  We love working with her!

Nicky is extremely conscientious with an eye for detail and is super organised.  She’s incredibly reliable and is always on the ball.  She’s an extremely safe pair of hands and a very responsible person who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Natalie Nuttall – Smile Group

Nicky is great to work with. 

She produces work of a high standard, quickly tunes into what you need and sets everything up so that you can collaborate and communicate on projects with ease. 

She is super efficient, knowledgable and offers advice and suggestions and all in a warm and friendly manner.

Emma Roberts Life Coach

Two years ago I would never have thought of outsourcing.  I met Nicky at a local networking group and am so delighted that I did. 

I realised I didn’t need to be the Chief of Everything Officer and the benefits of outsourcing to free up my time to do what I love and am good at are MASSIVE.

Nicky is fab and the return on investment is showing up in my income as well as lowering my stress levels.

Helen Dunnett – HD Consulting