How did the business come about? After 20 years of helping business owners, directors, department heads and charities with their administration, a serious health scare in 2017 along with working for a children’s hospice at the time as a Community Fundraiser (and then Event Coordinator) made me rethink what is important.  Life is short and precious!

When did you start? In the spring of 2019,  my husband and I left behind our lives in West Yorkshire and moved to Cheshire for a new start shortly after my husband took a job working over this side of the Pennines, plus I’d be close to my Auntie who also has a business here.  After realising they were getting behind with their administration due to a house move, holiday etc. they asked me if I would help and that’s how Your business VA started!

What do you pride yourself on? I pride myself on my passion for giving back, making a difference and building relationships.  I care about my clients and their businesses and want them to succeed, and if I can be a part of that and help that to happen, potentially quicker than it would do without me, then I’m happy!

Photo of Nicky Armstrong, Your Business VA owner
Your Business VA Client Commitment

What would you say your company mission is? To transform my clients from being overwhelmed to overjoyed!

What value does the business stand by? Honesty, reliability, accuracy, integrity, respect and quality – along with my Client Commitment (as per my funky graphic!).

Are you passionate about what you do? Yes!  Entrepreneurs have drive and vision and didn’t set up their business to be bogged down by the day to day aspects of running a business! I often enjoy the things they don’t, so it makes sense to work as a team!

Why should I work with you? I aren’t just task orientated!  I want to understand you, your business and your goals and dreams so I can be proactive, hold you accountable and help you to drive the business forward!

Do you work with other Virtual Assistants? Yes, I do!  I have brought together other UK based VA’s through my ‘Your business VA Network‘ Facebook group – we meet virtually once a month with a Guest Speaker, have co-working sessions and I also mentor some new Virtual Assistants as they start up their business.  

Although I’d love to say I can do everything, I understand my limitations and time limitations – so there may be a time when I look to outsource too.  As a Client, through me you will get access to the talent you need – I will source any additional VA’s and manage the relationship too – so you only have me as a point of contact.  One less thing for you to worry about!