Our mission: To empower you to grow and achieve lasting success by conquering the challenges of running a thriving online business and elevating your business operations.

Our values: We work with you, sharing our passion and knowledge. We thrive on open and honest communication and being your dedicated business besties.  We focus on quality over speed and look to build strong foundations for long-term success. Above all, we aim to infuse more fun and freedom into your business journey!

Our Associate Virtual Assistants: Each carefully chosen in line with the needs of our clients, they possess their own unique talents and skills, and are eager to provide unparalleled support to you and your business.  We take pride in guaranteeing the best fit for you and your business depending on your initial needs. Or we will point you elsewhere, as your success and satisfaction are our ultimate goals!

Meet the Team

Nicky Armstrong - Online Business Manager

Nicky – Founder & Accredited Online Business Manager (OBM)/freelance Operations Manager

With a passion for empowering and uplifting business owners, Nicky combines her extensive background in both the corporate and charity sectors to bring a wealth of expertise to the table to help propel clients to success.  

Naturally mentoring, supporting and providing accountability to entrepreneurs, her passion for fostering a friendly, approachable and supportive environment has earned her the admiration of her clients, their outsourced teams and her associates.

As an OBM School Accredited Online Business Manager, Nicky thrives on leveraging her diverse experience, knowledge and skills across project management, team leadership and operations.  Nicky also loves turning strategy into actions for her clients so things actually get done in their business.

Loving bringing people together, Nicky started a joint venture and now co-hosts In Her Stride, helping local female entrepreneurs thrive together via netwalking and co-working events in Cheshire East.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nicky enjoys the simple pleasures in life.  Whether it’s going for relaxing walks in the Cheshire countryside (although originally from Yorkshire!), spending time in the garden, or going for holidays by the sea, Nicky knows how to find balance and fulfillment outside of work and wants to ensure you find that balance too!

Mary - Associate Virtual Assistant


Introducing Mary, our talented Associate Virtual Assistant who joined our team in 2021.  With a deep passion for design (because who doesn’t adore Canva?) and a lover of all things tech-related, Mary brings a unique skillset to the table.

Before embarking on her journey as a Virtual Assistant, Mary enjoyed a diverse career that spanned the arts, education and tech sectors.  This background equipped her with a wide range of skills and knowledge that she seamlessly incorporates into her work.

Mary’s extensive administrative experience, combined with her tech-savviness, makes her a super part of any team.  She thrives on tackling tech challenges head-on and (think Kajabi, WordPress, Membervault, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Dubsado…) and her goal is to alleviate the tech headaches our clients face, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Rebecca - Associate Virtual Assistant


Meet Rebecca, another of our talented Associate Virtual Assistants, who brings over 20 years of experience to your team.  Her career began over 20 years ago in the travel industry, and since then she has honed her skills in administration, PA support, and office management.

Now, as a Virtual Assistant, Rebecca has a passion for organisation to provide exceptional support to our clients.  Her love of organising shines through in every task she undertakes, from streamlining processes, managing diaries or researching and organising travel, she thrives on helping other businesses thrive.

When she’s not diving into client support, Rebecca indulges in her love for travel, exploring new places.  In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying leisurely walks with her dog and treating herself to a bit of chocolatey goodness! 


Introducing Linda, another of talented Associate Virtual Assistant who joined our team in 2022.  Linda has been managing business administration for more than two decades, with expertise in a wide range of industries.

Having worked with national charities and the private and public sectors, Linda now funnels her skills into helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Linda has worked with creatives and analytical thinkers alike and can adapt her skills to meet a range of clients’ needs.  She is also a dab hand at getting stuff done – calm and organised could be her tagline!

Being an ardent explorer, Linda has enjoyed a life of global travel and is happy to adventure locally or across the sea.  With a background in health and wellbeing, Linda maintains her passion for staying well, so when not on her laptop, you will find her roaming the hills, in the forest or by the sea!